Moreschi Octave Fuzz

Moreschi Octave Fuzz

A clip of the vintage Moreschi Octave Fuzz pedal, with a Fender Nocaster 1996-97 Cunetto Relic and a vintage '72 Hiwatt DR103 with a '71 4x12 Hiwatt cab with Fane speakers (with an SM57 mic in a Motu Ultralite MKIII and a Zoom Q3HD)

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The Moreschi Octave Fuzz was produced in Italy in the '70s, in Castelfidardo. Probably his production is connected with the Electronic Sounds by Gary Hurst brand: the circuit seems to be similar to the Electronic Sounds/UFO Doubler, maybe inspired by the Foxx Tone Machine. Enjoy!

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  1. Awesome man! thanks for posting.
    I have wanted to hear that for a while/

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