Vintage Stompboxes

Vintage Stompboxes

Monday, May 28, 2012

Elka Dizzy Tone

vintage Elka Dizzy Tone fuzz

A sample clip of a rare vintage Elka Dizzy Tone fuzz pedal, with a Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop '60 Relic Time Machine and a vintage '72 Hiwatt DR103 head with a vintage 4x12 Simms Watts cabinet with Fane speakers (with a Zoom Q3HD)

The Dizzy Tone was produced in Italy by Elka (keyboards, synth, leslie, etc.), probably at the end of the sixties. Basically it's a Buzzaround circuit, one of my favorite fuzz, but more aggressive. Controls are Attack (Tone/timbre), Balance and Sustain. It sounds amazing, enjoy!

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