Vintage Stompboxes

Vintage Stompboxes

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The history of FUZZ!

Dear friends,
today I want to gather a few links about the birth and the history of fuzz, to have easier access to the information on the web and gain better knowledge about the world of vintage fuzz effects.

So, let's begin by reading a bit of history on the D*A*M forum:

....and a nice article on Premier Guitar:

You can check the "Tone Machines" blog (thanks Ed!), it's filled with interesting posts about vintage effect pedals, and also the great "Effects Database" (thanks Bart!):

For any information about the Big Muff we can go on Kit Rae's awesome site:

If you want to know something else about "Fuzz Face" and "Tube Screamer" you can check:

Finally, an interesting article (Guitar magazine) with Gary Hurst on the "Italian Shadow Community":
Reproduced on Italian Shadow Community website with permission of Guitarist magazine, issue 322 November 2009. © Future Publishing Limited

Other info (in italian language):

...and... more...: 

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